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    Elettromedia today announce thet have commenced shipping the new Hertz New Hi Energy line of speaker. Hi Energy has been the speaker most responsable for the sucess of the Hertz brand, the fouth incarnation of the Hi Energy will see sme radical changes including the introduction of die-cast baskets.

    Full details will be posted her as available


    Hertz-SPL-RecordAs relatively new kid on the SPL scene Hertz have created a storm in the SPL world taking the World Record for STREET A

     “News & Reviews” has the article.


    SX-ShowThe new SX series subwoofers are set to help cement a place for Hertz in the SPL scene Three models all with Dual Voice Coils that are 2 ohm each, enabling users to get the maximum power from their chosen amplifier.

    Power ratings are excellent:
    SX 250D 600 W/RMS 2,400 Watts Peak power
    SX 300D 800 W/RMS 3,200 Watts Peak power
    SX 380D 1,000 W/RMS 4000 Watts Peak power.

    All units have high effeciency and an excellent X Max.

    Further details in the “News & Reviews” Section