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    Elettromedia Profile


    Founded in 1987, Elettromedia is nowadays the world leader for the production of car audio amplifiers, speakers and accessories for professional installations.

    Back in 1979, some technicians working in different electronic fields, with the same passion for high fidelity, already shared a dream called Audison.

    Audison was officially born in 1984 with its first amplifier, HP 110, after some years of research and experimentation. Audison name derives from the fusion of the Latin words“audio” and “sonus”; they represent the historic roots and philosophy of this company, which was created and located in a geographical area strongly committed to music. Musical instruments known and appreciated all over the world have been produced in Marche region for two centuries, by high handicraft first and cutting-edge electronic industries after.
    An exceptionally stimulating habitat, full of resources, for a reality made of music, tradition and electronics. The history of Audison is a succession of records.

    In 1984, HP 111 introduces input sensitivity continuous adjustment in a car amplifier. Audison Cable is launched in 1987; it is the first high quality connection cables and accessories line manufactured in Europe and thrills enthusiasts worldwide. Industrial production of the new SR line starts in 1988 and will last until 1994; SR amplifiers introduced hi-fi in the Italians™ cars.

    In 1990, special clips for fixing power transistors to amplifier heat sink are first assembled in LR 3040; they insure more reliability and quicker assembling. This technology has been recently perfected in SRx line, permitting to assemble an amplifier in less than 50 seconds! The year 1990 also testifies the company™s move from the historical centre of the medieval town of Potenza Picena to a bigger industrial building, more suitable to the company™s continuous growth.

    The first attendance at international fairs, like CES in Las Vegas and SIM in Milan, occurs in 1992; HR 100 is shown to the public in the latter. This extraordinary amplifier immediately becomes the new, absolute landmark for hi-end amplification and is judged by all opinion leaders “The Amplifier”, “the best sound”; thanks to it, Audison was able to get to the peak of technology applied to sound reproduction. VR and LR lines are launched in the market in the same year.

    LR 3081 Sub is the first amplifier in the world specifically designed to drive subwoofers. A.B.S., Audison Balanced System, the pin-rca compatible balanced connection, was created in 1994 to solve noise problems caused by modern cars circuits. The first Thesis product is presented at SIM in Milan in the same year: it is HV Sedici, the first amplifier with A.B.S. connections.
    If we can say that HR 100 was Audison designers™ university, Thesis line was something like a degree for them. Besides manufacturing products which made a difference in car audio world and history.

    In October 2001, the company moves to new headquarters, designed to best meet its logistic and commercial needs. Elettromedia is nowadays a leading protagonist in the competitive car audio world.Elettromedia starts the third phase of its data processing through the adoption of a specially customised general software and carries out the first production planning based on MPRII (Master Planning Resource) system in April 1994.

    The craziest bet in the world occurs in the following two years: Audison creates HV Trenta, amplifier with bipolar transistors final stages, and HRV Trenta, amplifier with the same circuitry as HV Trenta but with mosfet transistors final stages. Which one will play better?

    Some of the most important, famous car audio experts in the world, coming from Japan, Germany and Italy, meet in the seventeenth century theatre in Potenza Picena to take part to the listening group. Once again, Audison confirms to be unique.
    LR 605 XR amplifier is the best seller in 1997; more than twenty thousand pieces are sold in one year.

    In 1998 Elettromedia creates Hertz brand; it gives voice to its amplifiers and becomes a world leader in the loudspeakers marketplace. Hertz quickly introduces important innovations in the drivers design technology, like the double wave surround used in all lines, or the neodymium motor employed in Space series, which was elected product of the year by EISA* in 2002-2003. High efficiency car speakers are designed and manufactured for the first time, giving everybody the chance to enjoy good music and high dynamics, even with low power systems. Two important events occur in the same year:
    - the creation of AZ audiocomp brand (audio components from A to Z).
    It is a complete line of products for specialised installers, able to make a difference in all the systems they are used in.

    The launch of VRx audio system, with its  Open Deck technology, allows maximum freedom and versatility to every installer, who can therefore realise the car audio installation he wants, and utmost satisfaction to every enthusiast, who can continuously upgrade his system and meet his changing, listening needs. The following years are recent history, characterised by continuous innovations in terms of products, processes and logistics. VRx and Thesis lines can be important examples of them, as well as LRx and SRx series; the latter won EISA*™s award as best product of the year 2003-2004 with its SRx 3. We can also mention the new Hertz Energy, Hi-Energy, Space and Mille lines, whose products range sports 21 subwoofers, 3 neodymium midranges, dome mid-woofers.

    In 2004 the Audison leadership is renewed with the introduction of the Thesis HV venti, the winner of EISA 2004-2005 Award as Product of The Year and of the Innovations Award at CES 2005 in Las Vegas.

    In 2005 as evolution of the Audison Cable line Elettromedia launches the Connection Audison program: a range of utmost quality, futuristic design products introduced to the market with a set of promotional and sale support tools which makes it a marketing reference in the launch of new products.
    In 2006 the LRx line is renewed and LRx 6.9 is given the EISA 2006-2007 Award and also the Innovations Award at CES 2006 in Las Vegas.

    In October 2001, the company moves to new headquarters, designed to best meet its logistic and commercial needs. Elettromedia is nowadays a leading protagonist in the competitive car audio world.