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    Morel Profile


    For more than three decades, the name Morel has been associated with superb sound quality — designing, developing, and manufacturing top-quality loudspeakers. Founded in 1975 by Meir Mordechai, Morel's quest to develop the perfect speaker has resulted in the production of some of the best high-end tweeters and woofers in the OEM industry. Our extensive investment in R&D has resulted in a number of technology firsts, including the development of double neodymium, ferrite, and hybrid magnet systems, large external voice-coil structure using Hexagonal-shaped voice coils, under hung voice coils in tweeters and woofers, and many other innovative solutions that contributed to our drivers’ sonic quality.

    Morel has been one of the best-kept secrets in the consumer electronics, producing drive units (tweeters and woofers) for more than 50 leading speaker manufacturers over the years. Among these are well-known, high-end brands such as Magico, Eggelstone Works, Eventus, Merlin Music Systems, Leon Speakers, Eventus Audio, Quested Monitoring Systems, Ruark, HHB, CAT, Splendor, Oheocha, Tetra, Virtual Acoustics, Roxan and many more.

    In recent years, Morel has shifted its emphasis to developing its own line of consumer products and is renowned for design innovation and technological excellence, gaining industry recognition and winning many prestigious awards in international shows, including the ECAP Best Loudspeaker Award (1995), CES Innovation Award (2000, 2002, 2004), Best Component Speaker System Award in Car Audio & Electronics (2005), EISA Best Product of 2006/2007, I.C.E. Best Component System 2006, to name a few.

    Morel speakers are the choice of Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Elvis Costello, Ronnie Wood, Diana Krall, Robbie Williams, Tom Jones, Michael Flatley, Rowan Atkinson, David Beckham, The British Royal Family and many, many more.

    Morel is also consistently amongst the highest-ranking speakers at the IASCA, EMMA, and AMMA sound competitions.

    Located in Ness Ziona, Israel, Morel manufactures over 90% of its products in a 200,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility. All Morel products undergo extensive testing and strict quality control. Morel designs, develops, and manufactures raw drivers for the OEM and DIY markets, and these drivers form the basis of its extensive consumer home and car audio product lines

    Morel’s Philosophy

    Morel has always believed that sound quality should not be compromised in designing speakers. We focus our efforts on designing products that can reproduce sound and music in the most exciting and natural way possible. Special attention is given to product design, while keeping in mind the needs and requirements of our customers. We take pride in developing products that offer our customers unique and simple solutions to common problems related to speaker installation, design, and acoustics. Morel is continuously setting new industry standards and strives to offer a high value for the customer’s financial investment.

    Morel’s Vision

    • To lead the market with new and innovative products that provides unique high-quality speaker solutions to music lovers in their home, car, and work environments.
    • To actively cultivate and support a global distribution network for supporting Morel’s brand name, products, and end-consumers.
    • To provide paramount marketing and customer service support to all of our partners and affiliates.
    • To invest in product design and excel in manufacturing reliability, maintaining Morel’s reputation for top quality products and service.
    • To provide a complete turnkey solution to OEM customers, utilizing “in-house” R&D engineering and production capabilities

    Morel’s Strengths

    • People: Morel’s biggest asset is its people, who are dedicated to delivering top quality audio products. 
    • Innovation: In-house engineering, design, and manufacturing capabilities have been the key to Morel’s success over the years, based upon a drive to design and produce products that do not compromise on quality, and provide real solutions to meet market demands.
    • Customer Service: Morel’s customer service orientation creates a successful foundation for affiliates, customers, dealers and distributors alike. Today, more than ever, we understand that relationships with our partners worldwide are crucial to long-term success.
    • Market Responsiveness: Morel’s ability to react quickly to market demands and customer feedback is another key strength. Our attentiveness to the market and to our customers’ needs, result in immediate attention and willingness to make the necessary changes or undertake product development to provide the best solution to our customers' demands.

    Morel Worldwide

    Morel’s products are distributed in over 55 countries.  To keep up with market demands, Morel has established a subsidiary in the US; Morel America is responsible for distribution and marketing in North America. Morel’s own distribution network, together with direct OEM sales, totals over 200 active accounts worldwide. Morel has experienced a tremendous growth rate over the past four years as a result of intensive investment in R&D and marketing efforts worldwide. Morel is dedicated to continue these efforts and to continue to gain market share.


    Morel is based in Israel, the central location for distribution of goods. Dispatch time from Israel is seven days to most countries in Europe, and two to three weeks to the Far East. Our U.S.-based subsidiary company has a one- to six- day supply time for the North American market. Our logistics department does everything it can to provide the most cost-effective and efficient way to ship goods, to ensure our distributors receive orders smoothly and quickly.

  • Morel Home Audio Products - Exquisite Design and Performance
  • Morel produces four consumer home product lines:
    • Octave Audiophile Bookshelf Speakers
    • Vario Flat Screen On-Wall Speakers
    • SoundSpot Satellite Speakers
    • Harmony In-Wall Speakers
  • Octave Audiophile Bookshelf Speakers
  • The Octave series is Morel’s state-of-the-art speaker line — including stereo speakers, matching center speaker and matching subwoofers. Three of the world’s top audio magazines rank Octave among the Top 5 bookshelf speakers that exist today. Its unique design earned the Octave the CEA Design and Engineering Award 2002 Octave combines Morel's proprietary technology and high-quality components with Van den Hull cables. The line comes in high-quality seven-layer piano finish black, red or white. Stands are available for the complete line.
  • Vario Flat Screen On-Wall Speakers
  • The shift to flat screen panels created the need for the Vario on-wall speaker line, with adjustable speaker length from 24” to 40” to match the exact size of a flat screen TV. Vario utilizes the same drivers that are used in the Octave speakers to provide an audiophile listening experience. The construction of the Vario housing eliminates sound deterioration created by vibrations and resonance and delivers clear, high-quality sound. In addition to the acoustical properties of Vario’s cabinet, it comes with an easy to install wall-mount bracket and is available in white and charcoal gray to match its surroundings.
  • SoundSpot Satellite Speakers
  • SoundSpot’s high quality, high-power satellite speakers for home audio and home theater have gained worldwide recognition, with mention in more than 30 international magazines and 10 highly complimentary reviews. The SoundSpot speakers earned the CEA Design and Engineering Award 2000. Made of metal, each SoundSpot sports a base bracket that offers 180-degree rotation on a shelf, wall, or ceiling, and is available in black, white, and silver. The matching SoundSub 9 active subwoofer is manufactured
  • from MDF for its excellent acoustical characteristics, and the slim, stylish and wall-mountable design minimize its presence in any room, while maintaining sound impact. 
  • Harmony In-Wall Speakers
  • Harmony’s unobtrusive, stylish design harmonizes with room surroundings, while offering the excellent sound quality of Morel’s trademark technologies. Clean and elegant, Harmony in-wall speakers are white, with a frame that can be painted to match the surrounding wall. Employing the round design of the SoundSpot, Harmony speakers enable a 30-degree eyeball swivel in any direction from inside the wall. The line includes a matching in-wall, 220W, 10” active subwoofer with a very shallow mount clearance.
  • Morel: Recognized worldwide for audio drivers and loudspeakers that deliver some of the finest music reproduction available.
  • Car and Home audio Consumer Products:  Innovation as our leading edge

    Morel’s car audio line consists of several lines that virtually fit any budget and application.

    From a single component through an entire system, Morel delivers more.

    New Supremo Series

    The Supremo 2-way system offers car audio enthusiasts a combination of state-of-the-art technological savvy and superior sound reproduction.  Designed to confront the unique challenges of car audio, Supremo delivers unsurpassed performance — representing the pinnacle of Morel’s component line.

    Supremo is based on Morel’s linear dynamic under-hung voice coil configuration, which allows the voice coil to move in a significantly higher magnetic field and remain there during operation. This configuration enables linear excursion of the coil and higher magnetic flux, eliminating inter-modulation distortion while considerably improving the dynamic range, transient response, and efficiency.

    The Supremo series offers the Supremo and Supremo Piccolo tweeters and Supremo woofers in 5”, 6”, and 9”.

    New Elate Series

    Elate SW woofers are Morel’s solution for deep and accurate bass reproduction. Engineered to be utilized in a wide array of applications, Elate is Morel’s elite speaker range. The Elate series introduce car audio enthusiasts to 2- and 3-way component systems with all of the best features Morel can offer.  Elate 2- and 3-way component systems maximize sound quality without compromising on style. This component set comprises an Elate SW woofer (5", 6", and 9" diameter), CDM-54 soft dome midrange, and MT-23 tweeter featuring a powerful double neodymium magnet motor, aluminum Hexatech™ voice coil, and hand-treated Acuflex™ soft dome. The Accuset™ MX-33.3 3-way crossover ensures optimal customization to various car environments through tweeter level attenuation and slope roll off selection.

    Hybrid Ovation 2-way Component Systems

    The compact, shallow, and efficient Hybrid Ovation includes a woofer (4", 5", and 6" diameter) and MT-22 tweeter. The Accuset MX-22.2 2-way crossover enables optimal soundstage and performance by providing tweeter level attenuation and crossover slope adjustments.  The Accuset crossover network can be adjusted utilizing Morel’s innovative Accuset alignment system.

    Integra Ovation Point-Source Speakers

    Integra Ovation XO is a worthy successor to the Integra Ovation speakers. Combining tweeter and woofer into one compact and powerful point-source unit, it incorporates Morel’s aluminum die-cast Uniflow™ basket design and an Acuflex™-coated 28mm soft dome tweeter. For added flexibility, Morel has designed an external crossover network to accommodate bi-amping/bi-wiring setups. 

    Dotech Ovation 2-way Component Systems

    Similar in many respects to the current speaker system, the Dotech Ovation earns its name through the new and improved Accuset crossover design, which provides 3dB tweeter level attenuation and enhanced sound performance. Morel has also made some cosmetic improvements to the basket, proving once again that with Morel, good looks and great sound go together.

    Tempo 2-way Component Systems & Coaxial Speakers

    Designed for the car audio novice, the Tempo series replaces Morel’s Pulse series. The 2-way component system comprises of a woofer (5" and 6" diameter) and the MT-11 tweeter with tweeter level adjustment options.  The Tempo also offers 4”, 5”, 6”, 5x7”, and 6x9” coaxial speakers to provide a solution for upgrading OEM (factory) speakers. The Tempo Coaxial speakers’ tweeter can be tilted to optimize the speaker’s performance and enhance the listening experience.

    Ultimo Subwoofers

    Morel released the Ultimo 12” subwoofer in August 2007, the first in a series of top-end subwoofers that is destined to set new industry standards. Featuring a 5.1” External Voice Coil and innovative paper-carbon fiber composite cone, the Ultimo achieves an extraordinary combination of musicality and sound pressure both in SQ and SPL applications. This handcrafted subwoofer delivers the highest sound quality performance at a resounding 1000WRMS (3000 peak).

    Accuset Alignment System

    To add another tool to the installer’s toolbox, Morel has designed the X-Over alignment system. This system allows installers to sit anywhere in the car with a control panel board which is remotely connected to the crossovers.  The installer can change crossover settings while listening to the system, until the best soundstage and frequency cut is selected.

    3-Way Add on Kit

    Improving a 2-way component system has never been easier with Morel’s 3-way add-on kit.  Available in 6”, 9”, and 10” and with a high quality Hi-Pass/Low-Pass crossover, installers can upgrade most 2-way component systems or coaxial speakers by adding another bass woofer to improve dynamic range and bass response and overall sound quality.


    The quest for more

    Meir Mordechai founded Morel in 1975, inspired by his love of music and motivated by a dream -- to create the perfect loudspeaker. His life-long quest has resulted in successive generations of speakers and audio drivers that consistently set new standards for superb sound quality. The Morel brand, derived from Mordechai Electro-acoustics, has become an annual recipient of “Best of” awards for home and mobile sound reproduction.

    Sound that captures musical magic

    Loudspeakers can be compared to musical instruments. While there are many producers of musical instruments of all kinds, only a handful succeed in making the sound that moves and hypnotizes the listener, the sound that captures the magic of music. That’s the magic of Morel.

    Renowned for innovative technology and design

    Over the years, Morel has developed an enviable reputation for technological innovation and design excellence. Morel drivers, including tweeters, midrange, and woofers are utilized in some of the most demanding, high-end products around the globe. Morel products and sound systems are sold in the home hi-fi, home theater, and mobile audio markets in more than 55 countries worldwide. Morel’s subsidiary, Morel America, was founded in 2004.

    Beyond technology — the human touch

    Producing loudspeakers that deliver that magical feeling requires more than just advanced technology or the latest industrial tools. To reach the zenith of the listening experience, the human touch is an absolute necessity.

    Each Morel product is assembled by hand and extensively tested — undergoing seven different quality tests — to ensure that it meets the highest standards. The personal knowledge and proprietary know-how, gained by Morel’s dedicated team over three decades of experimenting with sound, permeate all its products.

    Morel’s investment translates into customer value

    In-house design, R&D, and manufacturing under one roof enable Morel to deliver unprecedented quality at competitive prices. Unlimited by design constraints and boosted by years of experience in manufacturing its own drive units, Morel can offer the latest acoustic technologies which provide a lifetime of esthetic and listening pleasure for our customers.

    The car audio enthusiasts’ choice

    Morel’s range of components and component systems caters to every car audio need. Morel is renowned for its high-performance automotive OEM products for the car aftermarket hi-fi industry including two- and three-way systems, coaxial speakers, and components. Morel has dedicated years of R&D to developing unique technologies that overcome the limitations of car audio and offer exceptional performance. The mark of a good speaker is its ability to transform recordings into “live” performances. Morel’s car audio systems hit the mark every time.

    Morel: over 30 years of sound innovation

    Morel continues to break new ground in sound reproduction. Leading press associations and media have recognized Morel’s technology leadership and design innovation, including numerous awards for its home and mobile audio systems


    • 1975  Morel founded, birth of Morel trade mark and logo
    • 1979 First driver combining External Voice Coil (EVC) and Hexatech technology
    • 1981  Launch of the first inner voice coil double magnet motor
    • 1982 Launch of vented pole and “Acuflex” coated tweeter (MDT 27)
    • 1983  First triple magnet motor tweeter (MDT 33) introduced
    • 1984  First Integra point source loudspeaker launched
    • 1985 C.A.R (Controlled Acoustic Resistance) filter technology developed
    • 1988 Push-pull woofer using two coils and two motors introduced
    • 1989 First tweeter motor with inner voice coil double neodymium magnet
    • 1990  EVC neodymium woofer motor launched
    • 1992 Innovative 4” bass/mid unit with 2 1/8” voice coil is introduced (the smallest unit with the largest voice coil available)
    • 1994 Birth of the hybrid motor combining neodymium and ferrite magnets
    • 1995 Best loudspeaker award of European car audio press (CDM 58 midrange)
    • 1997 CES Innovations award for 6.5 Integra point source loudspeakers
    • 2000 CES Innovations award for SA-2 SoundSpot home cinema loudspeaker
    • 2002 CES Innovations award for Octave/Octwin loudspeaker system
    • 2003 Uniflow chassis and Accuset alignment system launched for mobile audio
    • 2004 CES Innovations award for Hybrid Ovation 2-way component system
    • 2005 Best of 2005 Car Audio & Electronics award for Elate 2-way system
    • 2006 EISA award for Best Product of year 2006/2007 for the SUPREMO 6 component speaker system 
    • 2006 I.C.E award for Best component system 2006 for SUPREMO 5